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Our Process for finding Bangkok Escorts

  • Posted on July 18th, 2014

Finding good help is not easy for any industry, in any country. And since our company is dedicated to providing the premier escort service in Thailand, finding girls that meet our standards is a lengthy process. We only employ 1 out of every 20 women who apply. Fortunately, there is great demand from Thai women out there who want to work for our company. This gives us the option of being very picky, a quality we’re known for.

Why the Girls Like Working For Us

1) They appreciate the quality of gentlemen who book with us. Clients booking with us are certainly not looking for the cheapest option or the most “alcoholic” option. Our clients know what they want and they don’t have a problem spending the money it takes to get that. Thai Women know the difference and it makes what they do more enjoyable.

2) They make enough money to live well without having to clock in and dance naked for 6 hours.   This is huge for the girls that work with us; they don’t have to do anything to find a few customers each week.   The girls in the GoGo scene have to go through quite a lot to get their customers.   It’s really a night and day difference.

3) The girls who work for us are professionals and they want to work with professionals, and not be surrounded by drunks in a crazy and loud environment every day. Many of these girls are in the process of getting advanced degrees, and they moonlight through our service.   They’re able to run small businesses or continue their education while they make a nice living on occasional nights.

So it stands to reason, that there would be many women out there looking for the position, and indeed there are. We’re nice to the women we don’t choose to work with, and we explain to them that they’re just not a proper fit at this time. The girls who fit the “look” our customers are looking for are thoroughly screen and interviewed. If their personality isn’t warm and inviting, we nicely tell them that they have lot of options, but that our company just isn’t one at the present time.

If they look great and have a wonderful personality, we have an in depth discussion about what it takes to work for us, specifically in meeting the high standards we want our clients to have. We’re very frank and honest with them, and we assure them that we don’t judge them personally for what they’re willing or not willing to do. We just need to know. And if the girl hasn’t thoroughly convinced us beyond all reasonable doubts, that she’ll provide paradise to our clients, we notify her that we can’t give her the position.

Once the girl begins working, we check in with her clients and get feedback. The girls know that if they’re clients aren’t blown away by the service, their spots are going to go to other girls who have it in them.

All in all, there wouldn’t be so much demand for the positions if it wasn’t considered a cozy gig. We treat them well, they get a tremendous amount of freedom in their schedule, and they earn more money than they would doing almost anything else. In exchange, they know they have to please our clients. It’s a system that works.

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