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Why Bangkok Escorts Are More Popular than Ever

  • Posted on July 18th, 2014

Thailand has changed a lot over the years, and the prices of services have gone up significantly over the past two. A few years ago, the thought of a luxury escort service, was looked as just that, a luxury. However, the price for time with Bangkok escorts has remained the same over the years, while the prices of all other paid companionship have gone up. It’s still a luxury service, but now it’s not a luxury price. And since the costs of everything about a night out have gone up, including dinner, taxi’s, bar fines, drinks, l/t, s/t, etc., having an escort come directly to you is actually the cheaper option in many cases. This is why the Thai escort industry sees continued growth. It’s become a more appealing option to most men, not just men in a relationship or on a quick business trip.

People are also starting to understand the value of hiring an escort, who is specifically paid for pleasure, and would lose her job if she didn’t meet high standards. Bar girls and dancers have no obligation in terms of the service they give you because they have nothing on the line. If they lay there like a fish and stare at their phone all night, a common occurrence these days, what are their consequences? That they don’t get repeat business from the man they don’t service well? This is hardly a punishment for pretty girls, as they are more than capable of getting a new customer every night. When you use an established escort service like ours, you are entitled to have expectations. And your feedback is welcome, and the girls know it. They go to your room with the intention of providing a heavenly experience for you, and they understand that anything less is failure. There is a large distinction between “bar girl service” and a “proper Bangkok Escort Service.” People are beginning to understand this now, so escort services in Bangkok are getting more calls, and are able to have more girls working for them. Everyone wins!

The inherit advantages to hiring a Thai escort have always been obvious: it’s discreet and it’s really easy. It’s the second part of that which has become even more apparent these days, compared to other female companionship options. Haggling with bar girls and GoGo dancers has become a dreaded nightmare these days. It’s such an awkward process and it really ruins the mood in many situations. But with escorts like ours, you know the cost up front, and there are NEVER any hidden or extra costs.   In light of the gauging and oddly tiered pricing of the GoGo and bar scene, men enjoy not having to haggle with a girl they want to share an intimate moment with.

Over the next few years, escorts will become the preferred option for many men looking to share an easy, discreet, and incredible experience with a gorgeous Thai woman in Bangkok.

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